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Host your own exclusive 
outdoor cinema!

We create starlit film experiences. Custom-made to your needs, and guaranteed to be an unforgettable night for you and your guests. 

"The team for the Black Cat was excellent since the first day we reached out to them, they were always available to give ideas, solutions, etc. Our event was in a beautiful place, and the set up made by the Black Cat team really exceed our expectations."

- Comunicação JRS Portugal

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We believe that outdoor cinema, more than being about the film, is above all about the experience.


Guests can choose between reclining chairs or gather around a table with friends in director-style chairs.


We create the perfect nighttime atmosphere with over 75 meters of decorative lights, table lights and spotlights.

We provide blankets to help ensure a cozy and comfortable night.


Sound and image quality ensured by a professional 4.9m*2.8m screen and sound that puts the viewer at the heart of the action.

Popcorn maker for a complete “go to the movies” experience.

Commercial licenses for public screenings with a selection of thousands of films, from classics to contemporary.


We rely on our experience to help you with all the details and customization of the event.


Subtitles available in multiple languages.


Event customization requests are always welcome.


With 9 years of combined experience producing events in Portugal and abroad, we have the knowledge of what it takes to make an outdoor movie night a success.


Trust, communication, attention to detail, and high-quality picture and sound are essential. Our experience and dedication are at your service to provide an unforgettable event for your guests.

The screen is suitable for an audience of up to 200 spectators. 



Your goals are our highest priority. We dedicate ourselves to understanding exactly what you want, and work to achieve it with the lowest possible impact on your own time and energy.


  • “Turnkey” solutions for your event.

  • Pre-event planning sessions.

  • Screen, projector, and soundsystem.

  • Assembly, management and disassembly of audio-visual equipment on-site.

  • Team of two events staff on-site for the entire event.

  • Lisbon cultural exhibition permission.

  • Recommendations on the best location for installing the equipment at the venue.

  • Transportation of equipment and personnel.

  • Logo displayed before film projection.

  • Decorative lights.

  • FILM LICENSES:  Film license costs vary for different films. We can provide a license quote on a case-by-case basis, depending on your choice of film. 

1070€ + IVA



  • The perfect way to enjoy the movie is with our comfortable reclining or canvas director-style chairs.

  • 160 chairs (144 reclining and 16 director's).

470€ + IVA.


  • If you wish to offer popcorn to the audience, we provide the equipment and an employee to operate it.

  • Large size personal packets of popcorn for up to 160 spectators.

390€ + IVA (for audience of 160 people)


  • Use the event as a personalized promotional tool.

  • Insertion of logos or messages on the screen before or after the film.

  • Projection of 1 video before the start of the film.

  • Custom-branded stickers on all popcorn packaging.


165€ + IVA


  • If you wish to sell or provide virtual tickets to attendees, we provide this service and an exclusive online ticket page for your customers. We manage reservations, customer queries, payments, refunds, and the validation of tickets at the entrance to the event.

155€ + 0.75€ per ticket + IVA


Total screen size including screen frame: 5.5m wide x 4.8m high.

Screen installation area: 5.5m X 7m.

Area required for spectators: Dependent on venue, number of spectators, and seats.

Minimum distance from the audience to the screen: 5.75 meters.

Projector location (front/rear): Front.

Power supply requirements: 1x 3.5KVA outlet.

Light Requirements: Dependent on light intensity at the venue.

Equipment disassembly time: Approximately 2 hours. Variable depending on the event.

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