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Choose your movie by title, or by venue and prepare for a

starlit night of film, food, drinks, and music!

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We scout out Lisbon’s hidden gems to host our open-air cinema experiences

Food & Drink

food and drinks

Every Black Cat Cinema event features the finest food, drinks, and, of course, popcorn!


Special Menu: We collaborate with the best food vendors to offer a variety of choices at each venue, ensuring a fresh experience every time. Relax with a delicious drink and a bite to eat while the music kicks in, and the sun sets!

Food & Drink
Música jazz


Discover hidden gems of Lisbon's local entertainment, including live music and DJ sets. The best outdoor movie nights are about more than just the movie!

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A film community

Black Cat Cinema is more than just movies. We love creating unique fusions art of open-air cinema with stunning surroundings to create unforgettable moments. From gorgeous locations, to cozy seating, delicious food, refreshing drinks, and immersive audio, every detail puts you at the center of the film. 

Create memories with us

Join a community of locals, expats, and newcomers from around the world. Black Cat Cinema believes in the power of shared experiences. Whether with friends, strangers, artists, or the local community, open-air cinema is a way to connect and create lasting memories.

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