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Returning in 2023!

Black Cat Cinema inhabits the historic quarter of Santos, and the industrial district of Beato, Lisbon. Away from the bright lights, we share some of the greatest films ever made.

Always with drinks in-hand, food to nibble on, and more than a few friends to whisper with.

Come find us!

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We are a mix of Lisbon natives, European natives, and incomers from worldwide. Lisbon is home.​

We believe that films should be shared. Shared between friends and strangers. Shared over food and drink. Shared with artists, musicians, and the neighbourhood.


We give the greatest films ever made the environment they deserve. And we create it together.


The popcorn will be freshly-popped all night long, the bar will be fully stocked, and we work with some of the best, locally produced, food vendors in town. So, you can relax with a proper drink and a bite to eat while watching the sun go down. 

Note: Depending on the venue, the bar and kitchen may not take payments by card. So it's always worth having old-fashioned cash on hand.


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