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Pulp Fiction

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

| Director: Quentin Tarantino |

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Arguably the film that redefined cinema in the late 20th century. Pulp Fiction has become a favourite with both critics and audiences and is essential viewing (or re-viewing!) for anyone with a love of the silver screen.

Writer/Director Quentin Tarantino (Academy Award winner – Best Original Screenplay, 1994) delivers an unforgettable cast of characters – including a pair of low-rent hitmen (John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson), their boss’s enigmatic wife (Uma Thurman), and a desperate prizefighter (Bruce Willis) in a film that defies any genre and breaks every mold.

5 Stars, and #5 in Empire Magazine’s “100 Greatest Movies of All Time”

8.9 - IMDb

93% - Rotten Tomatoes


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