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Updated: Nov 20, 2021

| Directors: Jonathan Deyton, Valarie Faris |

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A rare cinematic gem. Little Miss Sunshine simultaneously balances the genres of heart-warming comedy, cultural critique, and family drama with a seemingly effortless lightness.

At its core, a gentle family satire and a classic road movie, directors Deyton and Faris hark back to the anti-establishment, countercultural comedies of the 1970s such as “Smile" or "Harold and Maude" -satirical fairy tales that preached the virtues of nonconformity over the superficiality of conventional American values.

Oscar winner - Best Supporting Actor, Best Original Screenplay

Oscar nominated - Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress

91% - Rotten Tomatoes

5 stars – Empire Magazine

“You just won't see a better acted, and better cast, movie than "Little Miss Sunshine.” – Roger Ebert


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