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The origin of the Igreja de Santos-o-Velho dates back to the 12th century. Its 'largo' is a perfect piece of that unique Lisbon heritage and atmosphere, calmness in a vibrant capital city, and the best of old and new combined.


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About Santos-O-Velho

Food, drink, and the local community


We are teaming up with Santos Collective: A grassroots organization that first and foremost Supports Local and whose key reason for existence is to promote local businesses, initiatives, and the community. For every show, they will be arranging food and drink exclusively from local vendors.


Food, drinks, and popcorn are available before, during, and after the film. The bar is fully stocked, and the two kitchens serve delicious meals and snacks. Please note, it's cash or MBWAY only for popcorn!


A key part of what the Collective does is supporting needy members of the local community. Their initiative The Santos Collects Food currently supports 25 families in the Santos and Madragoa neighborhood by collecting and distributing food, clothes, toys, and small appliances, and aims to give some dignity back to their neighbors.


At every show there will be the no-pressure opportunity to donate the item that is most-needed that week. For example, one week a bag of pasta, the following week a tin of tuna. And for those of you with big hearts but small fridges, there is a suggested donation of 1€ with each cinema ticket that will go directly to purchasing essentials for the food bank. All donations are, of course, 100% optional, and 110% appreciated!

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